Can I further my studies to pursue a higher educational level in Hospitality Management with this Diploma?

Yes, you can. You may continue your education in hospitality management to gain high-level recognition – A bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with this Diploma.

Who will be awarded the Diploma in Hospitality Management?

The Diploma in Hospitality Management will be awarded by the City College of Birmingham from the UK.

What is the assessment like?

Students will be evaluated via both written and practical assessment.

How will this program be delivered?

Students will undergo nine months of theoretical and practical which will be delivered in class and posted in a real working environment within the hospitality industry to gain on-the-job experience […]

Is this program equivalent to Hotel Management Study?

This hospitality management program goes beyond just Hotel Management. It covers other areas, including tourism, event management, and basic knowledge of business disciplines which provides a broader perspective into the […]

Do I need to earn a hospitality management diploma or degree to pursue a career in hotel management?

While hospitality management certification programs exist, most prominent, full-service hotels and resorts require hospitality manager applicants to have a diploma or higher in hospitality or hotel management. At hotels that […]