Step into the realm of culinary excellence and embark on a transformative journey with KAGC's Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to nurture your culinary talents, equip you with cutting-edge techniques, and transform you into a master chef ready to captivate the world with your culinary creations.

Under the guidance of experienced chefs and industry experts, you'll refine your culinary skills, mastering:
• Western, Asian and plant-based cuisines
• Advanced knife skills and culinary techniques
• Menu planning and food presentation
• Cost management and kitchen operations
• Nutritional science and dietary considerations
• Culinary innovation and creative expression

KAGC's Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy lets you try many cuisines. Join our curriculum to explore, learn, and succeed in food. Let us collaborate to improve high-quality dining and the culinary environment.

The Market Demand for Our Graduates Is High

  • Minimum age requirement:
    16 years old (local), 18 years old (international)
  • Completion of SPM or equivalent
  • 16 years old with a school leaving certificate


Field Subjects
Culinary Arts
  • Fundamentals of Foods
  • Stocks, Sauces, Soups, Vegetables, Poultry, Fish, and Meats Cuts
  • Appetizers, Sandwiches, Salads, and Dressing
  • Asian Cuisines
  • Plant-based Cuisines
  • Principles of Culinary Management
  • Introduction to International Cuisine
  • International Cookery and Recipe
  • Basic Molecular Gastronomy
Food Preparation
  • Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Purchasing of Hospitality Resources
  • Design of Food & Beverage Product and Menu Planning
  • Cost Control for Food & Beverage Industry
Business Disciplines Digital Marketing:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search and Paid Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Digital Business
Personal Development
  • Teamwork and Communications

Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy

This is KAGC: Your passport to a world of culinary possibilities.

Course Features

  • Duration:15 months (9 months Interactive Theory & Practical + 6 months on-the-job training)
  • Format:100% classroom
  • Award:UK Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts and Gastronomy

Career Opportunities

  • Restaurant Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Research Chef
  • Food Services
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Catering Director
  • Food blogger
  • Author of a recipe book
  • Food Reviewer or Traveler
  • Food or Equipment Ambassador


  • Who will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts & Gastronomy?

    The Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts and Gastronomy will be awarded by the City College of Birmingham from the UK.

  • Where will I be posted for the on-the-job training?

    We have extensive networks comprising leading international and local hotel chains, thriving restaurants, and other F&B establishments. You will be posted for six months of on-the-job training at one of those establishments.

  • What type of cuisine will I be learning?

    We cover both western and Asian cuisines, with a slightly heavier focus on western, given the nature of the industry. We will also be including plant-based cuisines in the program due to the increasing demand for the vegan menu.

  • What makes KAGC different from other culinary schools?

    In KAGC, our culinary program focuses slightly heavier on practical vs. theoretical, with a 70:30 weightage. Besides delivering the technical competencies in culinary production and food preparation, we also equip our students with the necessary business knowledge skills, such as digital business and digital marketing, which are crucial in ensuring an organization's or entrepreneur’s success.

  • What is the assessment like?

    Students will be evaluated through both written and practical assessments.

  • What language will this program be delivered in?

    The program will be delivered in English and maybe elaborated in Mandarin or Malay to help students comprehend better.

  • Who is your typical student?

    Our students are from all backgrounds and all parts of the country. Ages range from 16-25 and beyond, mainly in their late teens. Most of them have either completed their SPM (and equivalent) or are high school leavers passionate about food and cooking and mature in thinking and focus.

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