In the captivating world of coffee, baristas play a pivotal role, crafting delectable beverages that tantalize the taste buds and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. If you're passionate about the art of coffee, KAGC's Barista Course is your gateway to mastering this coveted skill and embarking on a rewarding career in the ever-evolving coffee industry.

Our comprehensive Barista Course delves into the intricacies of coffee preparation, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to transform humble beans into aromatic masterpieces. You'll gain hands-on experience in:
• Espresso extraction and latte art
• Brewing various coffee styles, including pour-over, drip, and French press
• Creating innovative coffee concoctions and flavour profiles
• Understanding coffee beans, their origins, and roasting techniques

Enrol in KAGC's Barista Course today and embark on a transformative journey into the captivating world of coffee. Unleash your inner coffee connoisseur, master the art of crafting exquisite beverages, and pave the way for a successful and enriching career in the ever-expanding coffee industry.

Our Graduates are Well Sought-After in The Industry

  • 16 years old and above


Field Subjects
Coffee Beans
  • Differences between Arabica & Robusta Species
  • Importance of coffee Freshness
  • Influence of roast degree on taste
Workspace Management & Workflow
  • Grinders and Espresso machine components
  • Safe use of grinder and machine
  • Clean and organized workspace
Espresso Process
  • Espresso recipes
  • Grinder calibration and dosing
  • Distribution and tamping techniques
Expresso Sensory Analysis
  • Expresso extraction and descriptors
  • Freshness
  • Foaming and temperature of steamed milk
Cleaning, Health & Safety
  • Safe and hygienic work practices
  • Cleaning of equipment
Water Quality
  • Impact on brew quality and machine function
Customer Service & Café Management
  • The customer experience

Certificate in Barista Skills

This is KAGC: Unleash Your Inner Coffee Connoisseur.

Course Features

  • Duration:20 hours
  • Format:100% classroom
  • Award:Certificate in Barista Skills

Career Opportunities

  • Barista in café, restaurant, hotel
  • Café Manager/Owner
  • Regional Manager of internal café chains
  • Barista Trainer


  • Who will be awarded the Certificate in Barista Skills?

    The Certificate in Barista Skills will be awarded by City & Guilds from the UK, the world’s leading skill development accreditation authority.

  • Do I need any experience, or must I have coffee-making equipment to attend this program?

    No experience is required for those interested in attending this program.  You are not required to own any coffee-making equipment at home, but having one will help you to practice your coffee-making skills at your time.

  • What is the assessment like?

    In general, you'll be assessed using a practical assignment where you'll demonstrate your ability to prepare and serve drinks. You'll also complete a short answer test covering the background knowledge essential to the barista role.

  • How will this program be delivered?

    Students will undergo 20 hours of theoretical and practical training in class. There will also be guest instructors from leading cafes, such as CMW Roastery, to be invited to share their knowledge with the class participants.

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