Food preparation and production, commonly known as culinary arts, is a skill set that will never go out of time. However, to excel in this industry requires accumulated experience, persistence, and to a large extent – passion and a pinch of talent. So if you are gifted with a pair of hands that can handle a pan and spatula skilfully, and can vividly form the taste of a dish with spices and poultry dancing in your mind, talk to us to learn more about how you can turn your talent and passion into a successful career by attending this program.

This certification program approved under the MSC (a.k.a. SKM) syllabus will help you improve your food preparation and production techniques and learn how to manage the pandora of every chef – the kitchen effectively. The cooking skill sets you will be learning include breakfast, appetizers, main courses, and desserts which are western cuisine-focused, rice and farinaceous production, and soup, stocks, and hot sauce production.

As a pre-requisite to graduate, you will require 3 months of on-the-job training which we will post you to restaurants at the leading hotels or F&B establishments. As the pioneer and a leader in culinary arts education, we are confident that this program will open doors to the world of culinary to you.

  • 16 years old with a school leaving certificate
  • Able to speak and write in Malay or English


Field Subjects
Food Preparation(Core)
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Stock, Soups and Hot Sauce Production
  • Main Course Production
  • Rice and Farinaceous Production
  • Appetizer Production
  • Breakfast Production
  • Dessert Production
Food Preparation(Elektif)
  • Hygiene, Kitchen safety, and Food Handling
  • Catering Set-Up Activities
  • Basic Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
  • Basic Stewarding
  • Basic Butchery

Certificate in Food Preparation & Production
HT-012-2 2012

Perfect your cooking skills and learn effective kitchen management with us.

Course Features

  • Duration:9 months
  • Format:100% classroom
  • Award:Level 2 Malaysian Skills Certification (SKM) in Food Preparation & Production (HT-012-2 2012)

Career Opportunities

  • Restaurant Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Research Chef
  • Food Services
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Catering Director
  • Food blogger
  • Author of a recipe book
  • Food Reviewer or Traveler
  • Food or Equipment Ambassador


  • Who will be awarded the Certificate in Food Preparation & Production?

    This Level 2 Certificate in Food Preparation & Production will be awarded by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) upon the program's completion and the requirements.

  • Where will I be posted for the on-the-job training?

    We have extensive networks comprising leading international and local hotel chains, thriving restaurants, and other F&B establishments. You will be posted for six months of on-the-job training at one of those establishments.

  • What makes KAGC different from other culinary schools?

    In KAGC, our culinary program focuses slightly heavier on practical vs. theoretical, with a 70:30 focus. At KAGC, our on-the-job placement will allow you to gain work experience with Malaysia’s leading hotel chain or established F&B outlets. We have built a strong relationship since founding the program.

  • What is the assessment like?

    Students will be evaluated through both written and practical assessments.

  • What language will this program be delivered in?

    The program will be delivered in English and maybe elaborated in Mandarin or Malay to help students comprehend better.

  • Who is your typical student?

    Our students are from all backgrounds and all parts of the country. Ages range from 16-25 and beyond, mainly in their late teens. Most of them have either completed their SPM (and equivalent) or are high school leavers passionate about food and cooking and mature in thinking and focus.

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