KAGC's Professional Tour Guide Certification equips you with the knowledge and practical skills to excel as a certified tour leader. This comprehensive 80-hour program includes:

Theory & Practical Modules:
• Professionalism: Learn about tour leader job scope, ethics, professional grooming, and document verification processes.
• Pre-Tour Preparation: Master pre-tour coordination, communication, itinerary planning, and group arrival/departure procedures.
• On-Tour Expertise: Develop skills in hospitality, handling complaints, interpersonal communication, and crisis management.
• Destination Knowledge: Gain in-depth understanding of locations, international CIQ regulations, and tour reporting best practices.

Structure & Assessment:
• 30 Hours of lectures and discussion focused on theoretical knowledge.
• 50 Hours of demonstration and observation emphasizing practical skill development.
• Assessment based on professionalism, communication, knowledge, execution, and crisis management.
• Course materials include a written instructional manual, information sheets, and assessment guides.
• Conducted in Mandarin.

Become a certified Tour Leader, equipped to lead engaging tours, manage logistics flawlessly, and handle any situation with confidence.

Enrol in KAGC's Professional Tour Guide Certification and embark on a fulfilling career in tourism.


Field Subjects
Course Module
  • Professionalism of Tour leader
  • Pre-tour Coordination and communication skills
  • Tour Leader on tour services and hospitality skills
  • Tour leader tour reporting and crisis management

Professional Tour Leader (PTL) Certification

Launch your tour leader career with our 80-hour program.

Course Features

  • Duration:80 hours, 10 sessions.
  • Format:In-class including self-research and assessment. This program will be delivered in Mandarin.
  • Award:ATHE’s Professional Tour Leader (PTL) Certification

Career Opportunities

  • Tour Leader
  • Travel & Tour Coordinator
  • Tour Consultant
  • Short Course (CTRE) Trainer for Tourism-Related Training


  • Is this course same as the Tour Guide Certification course?

    No, this course focuses on developing you to be an all-rounder tour leader that operates outbound tours from Malaysia, but the Tour Guide Certification focuses on operating inbound tours to Malaysia.

  • Who should be attending this course?

    Those with or without experience in the travel industry who want to advance to become tour leaders who lead tours to overseas places.

  • Who is ATHE?

    ATHE is a global awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators since 2011. They have work with more than 280 recognised centres in over 55 countries to complement their strong brand presence in the UK.

    ATHE offers a wide portfolio of vocationally orientated and internationally recognised qualifications from levels 3 to 7 – such as business and management, accounting, law, computing, and healthcare, with many eligible for UK funding. They have also developed a diverse range of regulated bespoke qualifications for clients through their qualification’s development service, while their endorsed programme service has certificated over 40,000 learners for 30 clients globally.

    ATHE qualifications are approved as progression pathways for their learners to relevant Bachelor’s and master’s Top Up degrees by 25 UK and international Universities, with many more accepting their Ofqual regulated qualifications for progression purposes.

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