Are you ready to start your data-driven career? The Certificate in Data-Driven Marketing from KAGC is your ticket to success. This programme, built with industry needs in mind, will provide you with the practical skills and information that employers need, even if you have no prior experience.

Here's what you'll gain:

• Essential data analysis skills: Understand the basics of data-driven marketing. Collect and analyse data from a variety of sources – social media channel, website, search engine and etc.
• Audience segmentation: Use data to create buyer personas and segment your audience.
• Develop data-driven strategies: Develop data-driven marketing strategies and campaigns. Use data to optimize your campaigns and achieve your business objectives

This program is perfect for:

• Career changers: Looking for a new, in-demand career with high earning potential.
• Recent graduates: Wanting to stand out in the competitive job market with practical data skills.
• Business professionals: Seeking to advance their careers by leveraging data insights.


Subject Description
Importance of Customer Persona to Content Marketing (1 day)
  • Understanding your audience by creating buyer personas with elements such as demographics, pain points, goals, objection, and information source.
  • Segmenting your audience.
  • Preparing content for different persona.
Marketing Metrics and Analysis (1 day)
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Developing buyer journey maps (A-I-D-A-A-R)
  • Choosing the right marketing channels
  • Creating data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Optimizing your campaigns
  • Tracking your progress
Website Creation and Traffic Analysis (1 day)
  • Create a website for your business.
  • How to manage and maintain your website.
  • How to analyse the traffic to your website using Google Analytics.
Social Media Marketing (1 day)
  • Understand social media objectives and marketing for a business.
  • Select and set up social media channels for a business.
  • How to set up advertising campaign on social media.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.
Search Engine Marketing (1 day)
  • Understand the fundamental of Google Search Engine.
  • How to advertise on Google - Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by establishing objectives, selecting the appropriate measurement, and optimising the performance of your campaign.

Certificate in Data-Driven Marketing

Fastest way to unlock a data-driven career.

Course Features

  • Duration:5 days, 10 sessions, 40 hours.
  • Format:100% in-class
  • Award:ATHE’s Certificate in Data-Driven Marketing


  • Does this certificate suffice to replace the diploma programme?

  • Who are suitable to attend this course?

    This course is appropriate for students who have previously finished a diploma or degree in another area, as well as working marketing professionals who want to learn essential expertise in digital marketing.

  • Who is ATHE?

    ATHE is a global awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators since 2011. They have work with more than 280 recognised centres in over 55 countries to complement their strong brand presence in the UK.

    ATHE offers a wide portfolio of vocationally orientated and internationally recognised qualifications from levels 3 to 7 – such as business and management, accounting, law, computing, and healthcare, with many eligible for UK funding. They have also developed a diverse range of regulated bespoke qualifications for clients through their qualification’s development service, while their endorsed programme service has certificated over 40,000 learners for 30 clients globally.

    ATHE qualifications are approved as progression pathways for their learners to relevant Bachelor’s and master’s Top Up degrees by 25 UK and international Universities, with many more accepting their Ofqual regulated qualifications for progression purposes.

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