Hospitality management has many functions and objectives which differ from one to another. Still, its primary goal is to provide guests with the best service and flawless experience to achieve the highest satisfaction in their entire experiential journey. So if you are the “people person” who is passionate about dealing with people from different walks of life and cultures, treats challenges as opportunities, and enjoys working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, then this program is speaking to you.

International travelers are expected to grow back to the 101% pre-pandemic level by 2025, representing 1.5 billion international travelers, and will grow to 1.8 billion before the decade ends. In Malaysia alone, the country is forecast to receive 43.5 million visitors by 2026, surpassing the 30 million visitors goal set for the 2020 Visit Malaysia Campaign. These statistics signify a healthy demand for talent in the hospitality and tourism industry.

25% of the job opportunities in Malaysia are created by the Hospitality and Tourism industry alone; the great diversity of the hospitality industry opens up many job opportunities for you: a career in hotel management, exotic and remote resort operations, restaurant operations, casino management, and many more; the choice is yours.

In KAGC, we will equip you with the competencies delivered in both theoretical and practical and have you for the surge when international traveling picks up again. Our Diploma program will prepare you for a successful career with the potential to grow into many highly demanded positions.

25% of the job opportunities in Malaysia are created by the Hospitality and Tourism industry alone; the great diversity of the hospitality industry opens up many job opportunities for you: a career in hotel management, exotic and remote resort operations, restaurant operations, casino management, and many more; the choice is yours.

Studying at KAGC also teaches soft skills such as digital marketing, leadership, teamwork, and organization, which are valuable across all industries. To be successful in your career, besides the technical competencies in your chosen area, those soft skills are also vital and expand your horizon. Both are required to ensure high guest satisfaction, which leads to an organization’s success.

As the connection is crucial, especially in the hospitality industry, your first career is often your stepping stone for a more extensive portfolio for your future. In KAGC, we will place our students in significant and well-established hospitality establishments for six months of on-the-job training to gain working experience. By studying at KAGC, you will also connect with our alums who are successful in their respective jurisdictions within the industry, which is helpful in your career advancement.

  • Minimum age requirement:
    16 years old (local), 18 years old (international)
  • 16 years old with a school leaving certificate


SUBJECT Module contents
  • Introduction to Beverage Service and the Trends of the industry
  • Beverage Service Responsibilities
  • Serving Non-Alcoholic Beverages with Care
  • Non- Alcoholic Beverages
  • Serving Mocktails with Care
  • Serving Alcohol & Cocktails with Care
  • Beer and Spirits
  • Wine Fundamentals
  • Wines of France and other Old World Wine
  • Wines of Australia and other New World Wine
  • Wine & Food Pairing
  • Introduction to the Foodservice Industry and System
  • Food Safety & Foodservice Equipment
  • Cleaning, Sanitation, and Environmental Safety
  • The Menu and Design of Food Product
  • Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, and Inventory
  • Production & Service
  • Facilities Planning and Design and Furnishings
  • Environmental Management
  • Event Management
  • Food and beverage service areas
  • Food and beverage service equipment
  • Food and beverage service tools & utensils
  • Specialized forms of service
  • Table setting and napkin folding
  • Restaurant service sequence
  • Preparing menu
  • Menu presentation
  • Wine menu
  • Wine services
  • Table services
  • Special services and handling complaints
  • Introduction to Front Office
  • The reservation process
  • The Guest arrival process
  • Billing the guest
  • The night audit
  • Communication and the front office
  • Handling group reservation
  • Introduction to housekeeping
  • Accommodation
  • Planning, Organizing, and Staffing The New Organization
  • Interaction between Housekeeping and other Departments
  • Operational Planning
  • Material Planning
  • Linen Room and Laundry
  • Room inspection and Checklist
  • Reservation Department and Front office Department operation
  • Housekeeping in other Venues
  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Service Characteristics
  • The Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Information Systems and Marketing
  • Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Organizational Buyer Behavior of Group Market
  • Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Internal Marketing
  • Promoting Products: Communication and Promotion Policy and Advertising
  • Professional Sales
  • Direct and Online Marketing: Building Customer Relationships
  • Operating controls in the foodservice industry
  • Recipe
  • The portion cost
  • Purchasing
  • Purchasing the right quantity
  • The right supplier
  • Receiving and storing products
  • Inventory control
  • Food production control
  • Food cost and food cost percentage
  • Monitoring sales
  • Menu, menu pricing and sales analysis
  • Introduction to events
  • Event managements concept
  • Organization and communication
  • Funding
  • Marketing
  • Practical event management
  • Sources of help, advice and support
  • Introduction to food and beverage management
  • Understanding the customer
  • Promoting the operation
  • Pricing and designing the menu
  • Delivering high quality service
  • The Physical Facility
  • Food and beverage: From suppliers to customers
  • Employee selection
  • Training and Development
  • Motivating the employee
Business Disciplines Digital Marketing:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search and Paid Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Content Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Digital Business
Personal Development
  • Teamwork and Communications

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Step inside one of Malaysia’s leading hospitality colleges!

Course Features

  • Duration:15 months (9 months Interactive Theory & Practical + 6 months on-the-job training)
  • Format:100% classroom
  • Award:UK Diploma in Hotel Management

Career Opportunities

  • Front Office Manager
  • Hotel Operations Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • General Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Event Manager / Planner
  • Food Service (F&B) Director
  • Travel Manager
  • Casino Director
  • Director of Sales


  • Can I further my studies to pursue a higher educational level in Hospitality Management with this Diploma?

    Yes, you can. You may continue your education in hospitality management to gain high-level recognition – A bachelor's or Master's Degree with this Diploma.

  • Who will be awarded the Diploma in Hospitality Management?

    The Diploma in Hospitality Management will be awarded by the City College of Birmingham from the UK.

  • What is the assessment like?

    Students will be evaluated via both written and practical assessment.

  • How will this program be delivered?

    Students will undergo nine months of theoretical and practical which will be delivered in class and posted in a real working environment within the hospitality industry to gain on-the-job experience before being awarded the Diploma in Hospitality Management.

  • Is this program equivalent to Hotel Management Study?

    This hospitality management program goes beyond just Hotel Management. It covers other areas, including tourism, event management, and basic knowledge of business disciplines which provides a broader perspective into the hospitality industry.

  • Do I need to earn a hospitality management diploma or degree to pursue a career in hotel management?

    While hospitality management certification programs exist, most prominent, full-service hotels and resorts require hospitality manager applicants to have a diploma or higher in hospitality or hotel management. At hotels that are smaller or provide fewer services, a candidate with an associate’s degree or hotel management, restaurant management, or hospitality management diploma may be considered as a candidate.

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