What is the advantage of studying this program versus attending the short courses?

As digital marketing can only be optimized when all digital platforms work together seamlessly, we mapped all subjects according to the digitally driven consumer’s journey and cohesively delivered them. Hence, […]

Are those subjects under the Digital Marketing Competency Skill Courses similar to those at the training centers?

There are similar but different. Our courses are delivered more extensively.  E.g., Social Media Marketing, besides comprehending the best practices when marketing on social media, you will also learn how […]

Does KAGC offers short courses on digital marketing, such as Google Ad Search, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, etc.?

We currently do not offer short courses on digital marketing.  All the subjects mentioned in the module section above are part of the program’s Diploma in Digital Marketing syllabus.

Where is this certification recognized?

City & Guilds is the world’s leading skill development and accreditation organization in the United Kingdom.  Your certification will be recognized and respected by most organizations across the globe.  If […]

Who will be awarded the Diploma and Certificate of this program?

The level 4 Diploma will be awarded by City & Guilds from the UK, while Google Ad Search Certificate will be awarded by Google, with one-year validity.  After which, you […]

What is the assessment like?

You will be assessed via individual or team assignments required by each program module.  Most modules will involve highly behavioral-based assessments to test your understanding of the concepts you have […]

Is this a technical program?

No, it is not a technical program that focuses on the skill sets like programming or coding.  Instead, this program focus on equipping you with the relevant business knowledge and […]

Who is this program meant for?

This program is open to all interested in gaining knowledge on marketing and would like to gain competency in developing a digital-led marketing strategy.  You don’t need to know about […]