Students were required to complete a video blog (vlog) to demonstrate a topic of their choosing as part of the “Video Channel Management” course requirement for their diploma programme. This is a compilation of the student’s vlogs.

Calvin Low:
How to prepare Maggi noodles without the MSG-based seasoning
Fernando Huang:
Making Pempek Again After a Long Time
Lee Siau Yin:
A weekend at my dormitory
Loh Zhi Ying:
A layback Sunday’s Vlog (Silence Vlog)
Ng Kee Shen:
Mamee Pedas Gila Eating Challenge + “True or Dare” session with Friends
Chong Khai Yuen:
Far Cry 5 Clearing Outpost | (Outpost Liberation Gameplay)
Chong Chun Mun:
Tropicana Mall through My Lens